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Barchael ~ Do Not Spray Directly in Face

Exhibition Dates: 21 October 2011–17 December 2011

Artist Reception: Friday, 21 October 2011, 6–9 pm


Unless you ride a horse in front of an army, greatness runs the risk of eventually fading into cliché, brief paragraphs, or furniture accents. This problem is increasingly exacerbated by digital technology and short attention spans. Barchael is here to help. In a few simple steps, we will return beloved objects and public works to their former grandeur. Our suggestions are a new way to see—or potentially a reworking of things as they should have been. We hope these great ideas help you as much as the title of our show can … and that one’s on the house.


About Barchael

Barchael is the combined creative identities of Michael Bernhardt and Barry Whittaker. Exploring issues of communication, identification, and myth, Barchael navigates a range of media, confusing themselves as well as their audience. Their ultimate goal is to undermine self-righteousness, while seriously spreading the ridiculous.

Press Coverage

Read a review of this exhibition by Kyle MacMillan of The Denver Post.


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