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Greater Than - An Advance on Greatness: A New Paradigm for Mythical Heroism

From the Mind of BARCHAEL Exhibition Dates: October 18–November 3, 2008 Opening Reception: October 18th, 6–10pm
Artist Statement
With the theme of the cult of personality as their inspiration, Barchael investigates the consequences of self-idolization prevalent in politics, moralism, and celebrity. Barchael makes mythical heroes out of their joined personality, lionizing themselves in a multimedia expression of their own supposed greatness. Barchael is the combined creative identities of Michael Bernhardt and Barry Whittaker. Exploring issues of communication, identification, and myth, Barchael navigates a range of media confusing themselves as well as their audience. Their ultimate goal is to undermine self-rightiousness, while seriously spreading the ridiculous.

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