I Came From Brilliance

Walking alone in the late afternoon
the Rockies have closed in toward the city,
a line of geese complain their way south, full of purpose.

It's fall in Denver, the only time I really love it here,
and the trees and bushes glow like embers.
Everything pops and crackles with light,
as if the world was on fire, but in a good way,
and to the west the clouds begin to take on their first edges of orange and pink.

Walking by myself is the time when I feel least alone,
and least confused, and most at home.
The world has yielded up so few of her secrets to me,
and I will die as perplexed as I lived
But there are these precious moments
when I feel fixed in time and space.

To paraphrase a Hoshin haiku:

"I came from brilliance
and return to brilliance
but what was all this?"

—Carson Reed, March 2010