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Be a Cloud Not a Grid

Exhibition Dates: 9 January–8 March 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, 17 January 2014, 6–9 pm

Art Talk: Saturday, 22 February 2014, 2–4 pm, with talk at 3 pm

Artist as Curator: Theresa Anderson

Artists: Jaime Carrejo, Go! Push Pops (Katie Cerone + Elisa Garcia de la Huerta), Tobias Fike + Matthew Harris, Carl Hazlewood, Kathy Knaus, Bruce Price, Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader, Zach Reini, Laura Shill, Tracy Tomko, Rebecca Vaughan


Be a Cloud Not a Grid * is a group exhibition of 11 artists (or collaborations) whose work in sculpture, performance art, fabric, video, household items, and painting reflect upon this most current time period that philosopher and aesthetic theorist, Sianne Ngai, argues in her book, Our Aesthetic Categories, Zany, Cute, Interesting, is defined in our "hypercommodified, intensively informated and networked, performance-driven conditions of late capitalism." **

Ngai posits that the zany, cute, and interesting "revolve around multiple and even conflicting feelings: tenderness and aggression, in the case of the cute; fun and unfun, in the case of the zany; interest and boredom, in the case of the interesting and that these categories are a reflection upon contemporary feelings of powerlessness."

* Quote by Bruce Price on the Untitled Art Show

** Sianne Ngai, Our Aesthetic Categories Zany, Cute, Interesting (Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England, Harvard University Press, 2012)


Tobias Fike and Matthew Harris ~ Food Fight

Exhibition Dates: 6 September 2013–26 October 2013

Opening Reception with the Artists: First Friday, 6 September 2013, 6–9 pm

Closing Reception with the Artists: Friday, 25 October 2013, 6–9 pm


Collaborating since 2009, Tobias Fike and Matthew Harris have dragged each other across the desert, wrestled each other’s shadows, and tried to catch glass objects while blindfolded. They recently performed live for the opening of Denver’s Biennial of the Americas First Draft exhibition, where they tested the collision of beach balls at high speeds.

For VERTIGO Art Space they have transformed the space into a black box video installation to showcase a new project they have been working on throughout the year. Filmed off site, Fike and Harris individually crafted multi-course meals in separate kitchens and then served them to each other by throwing the food into the opponent’s workspace. Disruptive, regressive, playful, and passive aggressive, their actions blend together the patience of an adult with the curious spontaneity of a young child at mealtime. Installed in the gallery, the two large video projections face each other from opposite sides of the room. Appearing to interact with each other in real time, the food thrown from one side invisibly flies over the audiences’ heads and lands into the opposite screen. The viewers are simultaneously caught in the middle yet able to watch as Fike and Harris slowly undermine each other’s efforts to prepare a meal. The domestic space of each kitchen deteriorates from order to disorder as colorful foods smears across the counters, walls, and cabinets. Serving dishes are knocked off the counters and pickles land in house plants. When the food runs out, the scene slowly fades back to the beginning and the kitchens are magically reset, ready to endure all over again.

Food Fight production from Fike & Harris on Vimeo.

Press Coverage

Read a review of this exhibition by Theresa Anderson.

Listen to The Matthew Harris and Tobias Fike Interview by hosts Erik Isaac and Michael Keen on The Untitled Art Show.


Dorothy Tanner ~ The Light Fantastic

Exhibition Dates: 22 September–13 November 2010

Reception with the Artist: Third Friday, 15 October 2010, 6p–10p


“Light has the power to create, define, and solidify; or leave in shadow that which we believe to be real.”   —Dorothy Tanner

About the Artist

Dorothy Tanner exhibits a lot of optical nerve. While experimenting with a vast array of media in her career as an artist, she has found acrylic to be the most rewarding. It is a material that she may sculpt, paint, sandblast, or bake and shape. Some are wall sculptures, some free-standing or hang from the ceiling, while others are water sculptures. Light is an intrinsic element of the art form. LEDs have been the primary source of lighting the works in recent years.

While each sculpture stands alone as an art expression, Dorothy's interest is to integrate the works into a total environment — installations that express a powerful visual and emotional sensibility. Her collaboration with Marc Billard creating electronic music and video adds another element to an otherworldly experience.

Artist's Statement: “The major challenge for me in art is to keep under control the tyranny of a logical mind. The spirit that moves me is capricious, unruly, and irreverent. Most of my work grows out of intuitive impulse — the rest gets underway by just playing.”

Visit the artist's site for more information and photos.

Press Coverage

VERTIGO Art Space is excited to present this exhibition as part of Denver Arts Week. Read a review of the exhibition by Ben Dayton of Westword.


A Something Or Other That Has No Name In Any Language

Heads of Hydra, a photographers' collective. Curated by Richard Peterson.

Exhibition Dates: 5 March–30 April 2010

Opening Reception: Third Friday, 19 March 2010, 6p–10p

Closing Reception: Third Friday, 16 April 2010, 6p–10p

In pursuit of Chance Elements and Unknown Pleasures, Heads of Hydra is:
This exhibition is based loosely on a 19th century French Symbolist writer's pursuit of the Unknown, Arthur Rimbaud. Instead of the usual scenario in which images are created to illuminate writing, poet Carson Reed summoned new words from a chance sequence of images. Carson's poetry, The Space that Binds Us (is also between us), was posted next to the images and became an integral part of the exhibition. Carson read his poetry at the artists' receptions on 19 March 2010 and 16 April 2010.
"The Poet makes himself a SEER by a long, immense, and reasoned DERANGEMENT OF ALL THE SENSES. All forms of love, suffering, and madness; he explores himself, he tries out all the poisons on himself and keeps only their quintessences. Unspeakable torture where he really needs faith, all the superhuman strength there is, where he becomes in the midst of everyone else the great sick man, the great criminal, the great condemned — and the supreme Knower! — since he has reached the UNKNOWN!" –Arthur Rimbaud

Press Coverage

Listen to Richard Peterson discuss the exhibition as the featured guest on The Untitled Art Show. Read a review of the exhibition by Greg Cradick of Eye on Photography.


DMB Ideas

Exhibition Dates: July 3-30 2009
Opening Reception: July 3, 6-9pm
Featuring: DMB Ideas

With an exercycle-powered dance party, an unforgettable acapella ensemble, and “deep discounts,” the DMB Collective enjoys doing things the wrong way. Building on a shared sense of the absurd, these three artists question the value of language and the objects surrounding us. By practicing the most blatant misappropriation and misuse, the DMB explores overlooked opportunities in the commonplace and obsolete objects we live with.

Press Coverage

Listen to an interview with the artists as the featured guests on The Untitled Art Show with hosts Erik Isaak and Michael Keen.

Real Work

Mark Moskovitz
Exhibition Dates: August 15–October 15, 2008 (see description following the images below)
Artist Reception: First Friday, September 5th, 2008, 6–9pm (Mark will be present all the way from Cleveland, Ohio!)



Brought in especially for the time of the DNC in Denver, the current show entitled "Real Work" by Mark Moskovitz is another one of VERTIGO'S must-see installations. Moskovitz is an artist practicing in Cleveland, Ohio. His recent work demonstrates his continued faith and certain skepticism in the object. He often creates pieces that remind us of our forgotten roots and the slow pleasures in materials and artifacts that keep us connected to the essentials of our existence: food, water, clothing, and shelter. The work is rendered with a mixture of high and low technology, humor and craftsmanship, culture and crudeness. This Installation also incorporates video:

Mark Considers himself "a Luddite on the bleeding edge, as inspired by fine art and design as he is by prisoner and survivalist inventions."

Moskovitz is also a full-time visiting artist at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where he teaches design and sculpture classes. Straddling the worlds of art and design, he has formed unique relationships with institutions such as the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, where he has shown in its galleries and museum store. He has also created commissions for its subscribers, and been a guest speaker on several discussion panels. Additionally, he has shown work in galleries and institutions in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, and Saint-Etienne, France. Currently he is showing at the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami, as a part of a show entitled "Thoughts on Democracy", which is up through Art Basel in December of 2008. His work has been featured in art and design publications in the US, Taiwan, and across Europe. In 2005 Mark received the first Daimler Chrysler Financial Services Emerging Artist Award upon the completion of his graduate studies. That year he was also named one of Wallpaper Magazines’ most sought after designers. In 2008 his work was nominated for the 2nd Biennial 01SJ Green Prix Award Winner for Environmental Art.

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