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Some Ideas Perceived by Mediation of Others ~ Stefan Chinov

Exhibition Dates: 30 April 2015–20 June 2015

Artist Reception: First Friday, 1 May 2015, 6–9 pm

untitled - stefan chinov

Untitled, dyed plaster


Distance of Itself to the Invisible, inkjet print on paper

The photographs and sculptures in this exhibition combine the experience of the vast and impersonal landscape of Antarctica with the discreet space of individual studio explorations. The photographs imply themes of distance and migration. Taken in Antarctica with a handmade pinhole camera, a small wood box that “inhales” the space around it as opposed to epitomizing it, they show landscapes and human presence in a mixed manner of documentation and reflection. This process adds an eerie dimension, an extension of the landscape in time rather than a direct representation. The resulting images are an evidence of fragile natural systems in a state of flux, caught between violent natural events, a rapidly changing climate, and human presence. Parallel to the photographs, the sculptures attempt to deliver a compressed sense of structure and materiality. Their conception lies in the potential of abstract form to evolve upon itself and to convey emotion and meaning even when it appears to be completely removed from external references.


What is Lost Can Not Be Retrieved, dyed plaster and pedestal


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