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Artist-in-Residence Dmitri Obergfell ~ By Hook or By Crook

Residency Dates: 1–31 August 2013 (VERTIGO hours during this month are set by the artist)

Discussion with the Artist: Tuesday, 27 August 2013, 6:30–8:30 pm

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By Hook or By Crook is an exhibition of a new body of work by Dmitri Obergfell that explores capitalism’s ethical implications. By aestheticizing tools that are commonly connected with crime, Obergfell’s new work is intended to create conversations about our associations with nefarious activity. This body of work was created in light of drug war legislation, rap music, paired with the stereotyping that has been a result of anthropological criminology (the study of offender profiling). These relations culminate in Oberfell’s work by providing a questioning of what is beautiful in relation to what we perceive as dangerous or destructive to society and the effects of these assumptions on class divisions and racial issues.

The exhibition title, By Hook or By Crook, references the “by any means necessary” mentality of criminals and capitalists. The work made from materials like crowbars, bronze casts of ski masks, and switchblades examines the overlapping space of these two realms to shed light on their similarities and question the relation between capitalism, crime, and race issues.

Please note that VERTIGO's normal hours are suspended during the month of the Artist-in-Residence program. Hours are set by the artist, so please contact the artist directly for scheduling and appointments.

About the Artist

Dmitri Obergfell (b.1986) is an alumnus of the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (2010). He has recently returned from a residency in Italy, where he prepared work for a solo exhibition at Galleria Upp in Venice. He intends to continue his exploration at VERTIGO, articulating a transition from his previous body of work which explored the temporal nature of culture. His residency will focus on acts of delinquency and explore the cultural aesthetics associated with these acts.


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