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Another Way to Go: 6 Artists, 12 Directions

Exhibition Dates: 4 January 2012–11 February 2012

First Friday: 6 January 2012, 6–9 pm
Opening Reception: Thursday, 12 January 2012, 6–8 pm
Collector's Friday: 20 January 2012, 6–8 pm
First Friday: 3 February 2012, 6–9 pm

Presented by the Emerging Curator Series. Curated by Mike McClung.


Photos courtesy of Tiffany Fitzgerald at Westword

VERTIGO Art Space launches the new year with "Another Way to Go: 6 Artists, 12 Directions” developed by guest curator, Mike McClung. This show presents 2 pieces by each of the 6 artists – one piece from the body of work for which the artist is well known locally and one from a completely different series of work. Artists featured in this exhibition are Tyler Aiello, Phil Bender, Eric Michael Corrigan, Sangeeta Reddy, Lorelei Schott, and Jimmy Sellars. It is important to note that these artists are all represented by galleries outside of VERTIGO Art Space.

Curatorial inspiration for the show came from Mike's curiosity regarding the topic of artistic identity. A solid artistic identity can be a blessing for an artist, providing increased recognition and (ideally) increased sales. However, it can be a challenge, as the success of a body of work can impede an artist from moving in other directions with a change in media or technique.

McClung states, “As an artist, I am almost always associated with my burnout process, but I also explore other directions in different works using mixed media, photography, water color, etc. As I continued with the development of this show, I became more curious about tangents or diversions that other well-recognized artists take. I became fascinated with the balance between commercial success that recognition provides versus the potential for restricting creative exploration.”

Mike is the third artist who has been invited to curate a show as part of VERTIGO’s Emerging Curator Series.

Press Coverage

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VERTIGO Art Space was nominated in 3 categories for Art District on Santa Fe, Best of 2011: Best Solo Show by a Colorado ArtistErik Isaac's Perfect Day, Best Group ExhibitionDouble Diptych, and Best Gallery. See Art District on Santa Fe for more information.


Barchael ~ Do Not Spray Directly in Face

Exhibition Dates: 21 October 2011–17 December 2011

Artist Reception: Friday, 21 October 2011, 6–9 pm


Unless you ride a horse in front of an army, greatness runs the risk of eventually fading into cliché, brief paragraphs, or furniture accents. This problem is increasingly exacerbated by digital technology and short attention spans. Barchael is here to help. In a few simple steps, we will return beloved objects and public works to their former grandeur. Our suggestions are a new way to see—or potentially a reworking of things as they should have been. We hope these great ideas help you as much as the title of our show can … and that one’s on the house.


About Barchael

Barchael is the combined creative identities of Michael Bernhardt and Barry Whittaker. Exploring issues of communication, identification, and myth, Barchael navigates a range of media, confusing themselves as well as their audience. Their ultimate goal is to undermine self-righteousness, while seriously spreading the ridiculous.

Press Coverage

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Erik Isaac ~ Perfect Day

Exhibition Dates: 22 September 2011–8 October 2011

Artist Reception: Friday, 23 September 2011, 6–9 pm


On September 22nd Erik Isaac will become the Artist In Residence, showing his work, "Perfect Day", that explores the realities of what it takes to keep our complex world of human lives and interactions going. You are invited to join Erik at the Artist Reception on 23 September 2011, 6–9pm, and to the First Friday Reception on 7 October 2011, 6–9pm.

Erik works with concepts that can easily go unnoticed, but are the fundamental part of everyday experience of being human. A field-day first prize ribbon holder for long jump in grade school, Erik illustrates that first place is not just what it appears to be on the surface with his work, "1ST PLACE *". The work explores the childhood experiences of the all too desired first place ribbon, that transitions into the understanding of the commonality of awards and their relative value. Erik examines the underlying infrastructure of our daily existence with the common chore: laundry. He uses the only byproduct, lint, in his second work entitled, "Just Doing my Job Maʼam". Finally, "Utopian Rituals (a self portrait)" is a site-specific installation which takes on a personal note for Erik, an untraditional portrait made of daily checklists, illustrating the desperate desire for a perfect day.

Contact: Erik Isaac, 303-916-9970, conceptualart [at],


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